Demo Schedule

Demonstration Schedule

Raising a copper ladle

3 hr demo by Karen Tapendorf

Forging flowers

3 hr demo by Mark Hendersen

Leather Scabbard

2 hr demo by Daniel Chamberlain

Forging Damascus

2 hour demo by Lonnie Jensen

Bladesmithing q&A

1+ hr demo by John Harris


due to a family situation

Fabulous Tools of Fabrication

1 hr tour/demo by Kenny Robinson

plasma art on sawblades

30 min demo/classes by Cindy Chinn

Forging a Feather

1 hr demo by Trent Denison

Articulating Armor

all day demo by Ben Warth

Welding Aluminum and Steel

1 hr demo by Kenny Robinson

Hilts to Handles

Cancelled due to work schedule conflict

Forging Tools for the Forge

2 hr demo by George Witzke

Forging Animal Heads

1 hr demo by Gordon Williams

Blade Grinding

2 hr demo by Charly Mann

Class Schedule

*General Admission Tickets Grant You the Opportunity to Watch ANY of the Classes from Designated Seating Areas.

Class Schedule

Other Happenings:

  • Forge a mighty, though miniature, sword - FREE activity for all ages, 1 per person

  • Compete in the Anvil Toss for $1 per toss. The winner in each age category gets a portion of the "pot" at the end of the day.

  • Compete in the "Hang 100 seconds, Win $100" contest. This contest is a chance to prove your metal while you test your hand strength.

  • Take a turn at the Tomahawk Toss run by Phat Ax of St George.

  • Meet Past Contestants from Forged in Fire TV Show (History Channel, Netflix)

  • Shop the Tailgate Tool & Equipment Sales

  • Browse the Metal Craft Vendors Booths

  • Enjoy Tasty Treats from the Fantastic Food Trucks

  • Take part in the Silent Auction which includes Demo Pieces made at event. Auction will run from 3:00pm-5:30pm.